Monitoring blood sugar is the most basic means of controlling diabetes. Since diabetes can't be cured, monitoring blood sugar in the family is a very important part of controlling diabetes.
Our coding blood glucose meters are easy to operate and have high accuracy. It has no obvious pain when collecting blood and uses less blood. It uses the glucose oxidase method, which is applied to the test paper with glucose oxidase by capillary blood, and the result of the chemical reaction is the blood sugar level, so the accuracy is high.
The coding blood glucose meters can collect blood in six different parts of the body. It allows the patient to choose a blood test in the upper arm, forearm, thigh, calf, palm, etc. in addition to the traditional finger position. The kind of coding blood glucose meters are popular and praised by the majority of patients and medical staff because of their simple, fast and accurate operation.
Scope of application: For the detection of glucose concentration in fresh capillary whole blood and venous whole blood in vitro, it can be used for rapid blood sugar test in medical institutions, blood glucose monitoring in diabetic patients or other populations.
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