This manual wheelchair is suitable for lower limb disability, hemiplegia, paraplegic paraplegia and elderly people with limited mobility. The patient can operate the fixed armrest or the detachable armrest, the fixed foot pedal or the detachable foot pedal, and can be folded out when carrying out or when not in use. It is divided into hard seats, soft seats, pneumatic tires or solid tires depending on the model and price.
Our manual wheelchairs use imported high-performance shock absorbers, which provide better shock absorption and a more stable ride. The height-free step-adjustable foot pedal can be adjusted to a suitable height within a certain range, and the legs are more comfortable. The backrest is an adjustable orthopedic belt, which makes the ride more comfortable and prevents the wheelchair from being used for a long time. The resulting spine is deformed and bent.
Manual wheelchair features:
1 Affordable.
2. Patients can use it to do delicate exercises.
3. Not subject to environmental restrictions or restrictions.
4. Quiet and no noise.
5. Users can operate by themselves.
6. The armrests are fixed or detachable and vary from one to another.
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