The electric wheelchairs have a manually operated intelligent controller. It can drive the wheelchair through the controller to complete the functions of forward, backward, steering, standing, lying down, and so on. This kind of wheelchair is a high-tech product combining modern precision machinery, intelligent numerical control, engineering mechanics and other fields.
The electric wheelchair mainly provides some convenience for some people who are inconvenient to move, so that more patients can have fun in life. Now, electric wheelchairs with different specifications can be used for adults or children respectively. The weight of an electric wheelchair is about double that of a standard wheelchair. But in order to meet the needs of some people with varying degrees of sickness.
The push button or the remote control lever of the wheelchair is very sensitive, and the user can perform some operations with a slight touch of the finger or the forearm. The speed of the electric wheelchair is close to that of a normal person and can climb a slope of 6-8.
Advantages of electric wheelchairs:
1. Special motor, low power consumption, low speed and large torque, uniform driving wheel speed, strong and powerful.
2. The automatic brake is self-locking of the head brake, and the electromechanical wheel parking system, especially in the up and down slope, the parking is more prominent, the control is easy, safe and reliable.
3. Flexible combination of components can be matched to any type of manual wheelchair, and the general manual aluminum and steel wheelchairs can be economically converted into electric operation.
4. It has the characteristics of beautiful structure, novel steering, flexible steering, stable use, sturdy and durable, comfortable ride, etc.
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