Ordinary manual hospital beds consist of bed frames, headboards, back frames, leg frames, foot frames, guard rails, drawer assemblies, manually operated components and caster assemblies. It is designed and manufactured according to the needs of the patient.
The utility model is characterized in that the back board, the seat board and the foot bending board are movably connected, and the connecting hinge of the back board and the seat board is fixed on the bed frame; the rigid back frame is installed under the back board, the hand-type bed is connected, and the bracket lifting place is connected with the bracket lifting mechanism. A straight rod bracket is installed under the seat plate, and a straight rod lifting mechanism is connected to one end of the straight rod bracket.
Manual hospital beds are generally divided into single, double, and three-shake beds, three types. Manual single-shake beds generally only have beds with back function; manual double-shake beds generally have beds with dual functions of back and leg lift; manual for short-term care needs of patients. The rocker adopts double pressure bearing and lifting limit device, which has the advantages of no noise, convenient installation, and durability. Manual bed shakes are usually at the end of the bed, and most can hide the handle.
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