Auto Code Blood Glucose Meters is a comprehensive reflection of the process of blood collection, testing, analysis and more. The instrument is only a detector of optical signals or electrical signals. The main technical content is inside a small "plastic sheet", and the core of the test paper is the biological enzyme. Different enzymes and coenzymes have different characteristics, and the accuracy, accuracy and anti-interference ability of the detection are different.
Auto Code Blood Glucose Meters can be divided into two types: bioelectricity and photoelectric colorimetry. The bioelectric method is not affected by the ambient light, and does not need to be cleaned frequently. The blood sampling sample is generally outside the machine to avoid the possibility of cross infection, but it is susceptible to interference from some metabolic acidified reducing substances and residual drugs in the blood after being energized. Instruments using photoelectric colorimetry are susceptible to contamination by blood samples and require frequent cleaning and maintenance, but are not affected by the concentration of endogenous metabolites and exogenous drugs in the blood sample.
This blood glucose meter is light and small and can be carried around.
It is easy to operate and is ideal for use by a wide variety of people, including the elderly.
Automated operation makes it highly accurate.
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