The arm blood pressure monitors are composed of a body, an arm band and a power adapter. The body casing is made of engineering plastic and the arm band is made of fiber cloth. It is used to measure the blood pressure and pulse of adult humans. Our arm blood pressure monitors make it easier, faster and more accurate for your family to know your blood pressure. We hope that these products will help everyone monitor their health anytime, anywhere. Not only care for yourself, but also our family and friends.
The arm sphygmomanometer measures the brachial blood pressure and is closer to the hospital's examination results. Compared with wrist sphygmomanometers, it is more suitable for people of all ages. This device is light, easy to carry and use, and is easy to self-measure, so it is especially suitable for family health care.
The correct operation method of the arm blood pressure monitors:
1. Open the arm band of the upper arm electronic sphygmomanometer to prevent the arm band from slipping out of the metal ring.
2. Expose arms when measuring. If you wear a thick coat, do not roll long sleeves when measuring. Remove the top.
3. Place the arm strap on the left arm. The bottom of the arm strap should be 1-2 cm above the elbow. The marking on the arm sleeve should be on the artery inside the arm, and the air tube should be in the extension of the middle finger (in the direction of the palm).
4. Hold the end of the arm band and pull the arm band tightly around the arm while pulling.
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