The Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a kind of electronic sphygmomanometer. It is generally equipped with fully automatic electronic intelligent blood pressure measurement technology. It has a liquid crystal display and a microcomputer automatic control. It can quickly and accurately measure your blood pressure and pulse rate. You regularly check your blood pressure and pulse.
The Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors allow you to monitor changes in blood pressure at any time while sitting at home. If you find abnormal blood pressure, you can go to the hospital for treatment in a timely manner, which can prevent the occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage, heart failure and other diseases.
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors are not suitable for patients with blood circulation disorders, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure and other diseases will accelerate arteriosclerosis, causing peripheral circulatory disorders. The wrists of these patients differed greatly from the blood pressure measurements of the upper arm.
How to use the wrist sphygmomanometer
1. In a quiet, relaxed, natural environment, the patient is seated and the feet are placed flat with the ground.
2. Remove all clothing from your wrist so that the wrist strap can be wrapped directly around the bare skin.
3. The patient will straighten his hand and palm up. At 1 cm from the palm of your hand, bring the sphygmomanometer to the patient's wrist, the display is up, and the wristband is fastened. The tightness is mainly comfortable for the patient.
4. Bend the forearm upwards and place it close to the chest to make the wristband flush with the heart, and the right hand gently support the left elbow.
5. Press the start button. After the air is fully inflated and completely deflated, you can read the blood pressure data directly from the display and record the data.
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