The digital thermometers adopt imported chip assembly with high precision and high stability, error ≤0.5%, internal power supply, micro power consumption. Stainless steel casing has strong protection, which is beautiful and exquisite. The digital thermometer accurately determines and measures the temperature and displays it in digital form instead of a pointer or mercury display. The appearance of this kind of digital thermometers allows people to intuitively understand how much temperature they want to know.
This microprocessor-based handheld thermometer is suitable for a wide temperature range and uses cutting-edge innovations. It has a convenient reading and a trend display. The housing is drip-proof/splash-proof and dust-proof, and has a built-in tilting seat/handle for benchtop applications or hands-free field measurements. It includes the main control module, input module, display module, AD conversion module, analog switch and platinum resistance and 1k standard resistance.
Digital thermometer features:
Current commutation technology, completely eliminates the influence of parasitic potential, and the measurement data is more stable
Resistance resolution is 0.0001Ω, temperature resolution is 0.001 °C
Resistance measurement and RTD parameters can be calibrated by the user
The instrument body is small and exquisite
Parameters can be set manually or automatically
Temperature units can be switched: Celsius (°C), Fahrenheit (°F), Kelvin (K)
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