A blood glucose meter is an electronic device that measures blood sugar levels. The blood glucose meter is divided into two types, photoelectric type and electrode type, from the working principle. The electrode type blood glucose meter has a more scientific test principle and the electrode can be built in. With a blood glucose meter, patients can easily monitor their blood glucose at home.
This kind of instrument mainly includes blood glucose meter, test paper and needle. The needle is used to puncture the blood of the ring finger. The test paper is used to inhale the blood sample and is connected to the blood glucose meter. The blood glucose meter obtains the blood sugar index through the test paper.
Our blood glucose meter uses platinum electrodes to collect blood from multiple sites, making the test results more stable. The blood glucose test strip uses a comfortable and convenient top blood-sucking method. Capillary action and sampling error monitoring can help minimize sampling errors and help to obtain accurate test results.
Electronic blood glucose meter performance characteristics
1. Simple operation, automatic ejection, to avoid infection
2. Suitable for self-test of human blood sugar
3. Large screen display, clear reading
4. Humanized measurement management
5. The measurement time is less than 10 seconds
6. Slightly painful, with less blood
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