Hospital beds are beds used by a patient or a severely disabled person during rehabilitation in hospital. There are general beds and multifunctional back beds. The bed can also be called a sick bed, a medical bed, a multi-functional nursing bed, etc. It is a bed used by the patient during recuperation rehabilitation treatment. The main use occasions include major hospitals, township health centers, community health service centers, and rehabilitation institutions.
The hospital beds have a variety of functions, greatly improving the patient's recovery and maintenance level, and also provides great convenience for maintenance personnel.
1. Back function: The back angle is: 0-75°, the back is slowly raised, and the shaking is gentle and no resistance.
2. Wheelchair function: The hospital bed allows the patient to sit at any angle from 0-90°. After sitting up, you can dine with a table or study. The versatile dining table is detachable and can be placed on the bottom of the bed when not in use. Frequently let the patient sit up to prevent tissue contraction and reduce edema. Helps to restore the ability to move.
3. Foot washing function: The bed can be removed from the bed, and the wheelchair function can make it easier for the patient to wash the feet and massage.
4. Anti-sliding function: When the patient sits up, the buttocks are lifted up, which can effectively prevent the patient from sliding down when sitting passively.
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